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 Electrical & Electronics Engineering


        Electrical Engineers are involved in the field of Generation, Protection, Transmission, Distribution and Application of electrical energy. They are also involved in the field of the electricity that brightens our home, cooks our food and empowers our machinery. Electrical Engineering deals with the study of Electricity, Electronics, Electromagnetism, Electric Field Theory, Electromagnetic Field Theory, DC Machines, AC Machines, electrical drawing, electrical machine design, Electrical System Design and Estimation, Electrical Material Science, Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments, Analogue and Digital Electronics, Electrical Drives, Power Electronics, and their application. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department was established in the year 2001 -2002 with initial sanctioned strength of 60. The department has ten faculty members.

        The department aims to impart technical education to students and satisfy all the requirements needed for the industrial environment. The department's ultimate goal is to kindle the creativity and new thoughts among the students by providing them a lot of basic and advanced latest information and to make a brightest way for the career and higher studies for the students.


        These facilities provide an excellent resource-base to support the teaching activities and offer appropriate equipment for demonstrations, practical assignments and project work. The School resources used in delivery of our programmes consist of a number of specialised computer laboratories and IT facilities. The School has specifically designed labs for the needs of students studying these programmes as well as a specialist laboratory for digital signal processing and integrated circuit design. Laboratory PCs are utilised for teaching, research and project work and are supported by technical staff.

Specific resources in the electrical field consist of the following dedicated facilities:glowing led

  • Electrical Workshop Lab,
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Lab,
  • Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Lab,
  • Electrical Machines Lab,
  • Advanced Electrical Engineering Lab,
  • System Simulation Lab,


Jisha P        
Assistant Professor        
Head of the Department        
Niyas Thayyil Anusree P Dev Vineeth Mohan Freena Francis Suma Rani V S
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor  Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Lecturer Lecturer  
Sankara Narayananan  Raveendran. N K Balakrishnan    
Instructor Tradesman Tradesman    


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