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Deepu Punnasseri

The Dept. of Printing Technology was established in the year 2001 with 30 intakes. Which propelled us into a new era of technologies and engineering innovations offering undergraduate programmes. The programme generally deals with Printing operations, Packaging Technology, Digital printing techniques, Advertising and also with the most modern Printed electronics, with highly equipped lab facilities. The highly qualified faculties with industrial experiences mark the excellence of the teaching learning process. As Printing Technology is the fastest growing and rarest among the engineering disciplines, the career opportunities are also very wide. By applying the ethical principle and norms of engineering practice we were able to achieve 100% placement each year in many reputed companies throughout India, abroad, State and Central government jobs too. Thus, we are privileged to gather lots of professional contacts in and around the world. The department also has strong alumni. The Department encourages the students to undertake technical fest seminars and carry out industrial visits each year. The Printing Technology in IET and APT(E)(Association of Printing Technology Engineers) jointly provides professional membership in the field of Printing Engineering. Each year the department is privileged to provide competent engineers for higher studies as well as professionals to the society in order to serve the nation.


We treat every student with sincerity, fairness and professionalism while delivering a quality teaching in a timely manner. Our mission is to provide the highest-quality students and innovative ideas in a timely fashion and at a competitive nature. We deliver advanced and creative technical modes of teaching that make our students successful. We keep our promises, provide creative solutions, and achieve our students’ goals. Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed students' expectations. We have always been on the leading edge of technology, because we sincerely believe that an investment in technology can actually save our society, by improving efficiencies of our new generations.


To be a part of the world's most recognized and trusted Print, Packaging and Media technologies Institute. To provide highly talented students in the field of Printing, Packaging and Media. To provide a great platform to link the students and reputed companies, associations and individuals in the industries inside and outside the nation. To enhance the development of Printing, Graphic arts and communication and allied industries in the world. To improve the Logistic management skill by empowering the Packaging technology lab-oriented teaching modes. To get wide recognition for our student’s innovation, loyalty and unwavering integrity by providing advanced Printing technologies. We build our students by challenging the traditional norms of print and packaging media and also provide fresh ideas and creative solutions for our students. .

Profile of Printing Technology

Department of Printing Technology was established in CUIET in the year 2001,with the aim of developing the skilledprofessionals in the field. The students have opportunities for interacting with members of the local printing industry through their training programmes, industrial visits and project works etc. In addition to printing subjects, the syallabus of printing technology is well designed in a way that the students can familiarise with the subjects of related engineering fields as well as management. Periodic updating of the syllabus enables our students to get excellent knowledge with the modern trends and scopes of printing field.


Courses Offered

CourseCourse Code Duration
B.Tech in Printing Technology PT4 years
  • Institute of Engineering And Technology - University of Calicut, Kohinoor
  • Thenhipalam - 67 36 36
  • Kerala
  • Email: office@cuiet.info
  • Phone: 0494 - 240 02 23
  • Mob: 9188400223
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