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    The CUIET Library, is. primarily concerned with the conservation and dissemination of books. It has a collection of above seventeen thousand books and subscribes to 218 JournalsProject Reports, Seminar Reports and 8 Newspapers. Library follows the Anglo American cataloguing Rules II (with slight modifications) for Cataloguing and Dewey Decimal Scheme of Classification for the classification of books.

    All library services like acquisition, cataloguing, issue, return, renewal; catalogue search (On-Line Public Access Catalogue) has been fully computerized with help of bar-code facility. A Digital library has been established inLibrary premises with effective e-Iearning materials, e-database, e-journals, e-books etc. It can be accessed from in the library 10AM to 4pm.The library functions from 8 am to 8 pm except on Sundays and Public holidays.

    Library provides the following Services

    Book Lending Services Reference Services Information Services OPAC service E - Journals

    Book lending service is provided to all the members of the library. A member is entitled to get six books at a time. A book is issued for a period of thirty days and it can be renewed for 3 times. Fines for overdue loans are calculated from the due date to the day the items are returned. Sundays and public holidays are not included in this calculation. Where an item is lost or damaged, the borrower will be charged for the item. The charges include the following :-

    Cost of Replacing the Title Processing Fee of 20% per item Overdue Fines (if any)

    Borrowers are liable for overdue fines, calculated from the date due to the date when the materials are reported lost. A sum of four times the estimated cost of an item will be charged for an out-of-print item reported lost or returned damaged. If you manage to locate your lost item(s) before payment is made, you need only to pay the overdue fines. All lost or damaged items must be reported to the Library immediately. Your borrowing privileges will be suspended until payment is made for the lost/damaged item(s). The Library maintains a separate collection of Text books and these books are issued for overnight reading only. Reference Books are not issued on loan.

    Library membership is free to the Teachers, Students,.andnon teaching staff of IET. The Teachers are entitled to get ten books at a time and students can issued six books at a time. A Non Liability Certificate is to be obtained by the students from the IET Librarian before their leaving the institution.

    Who can be the members of the Library ?

    Students of the IET Teachers of the IET Non-Teaching Staff of the IET
    The Four Sections of the Library are assigned different tasks to attain the goals of the library

    Acquisition Section

    This section deals with the procurement of books and other documents other than serials. An amount of approximately Rs80,0000.00 is spent every year on procurement of documents. Books and CDs are procured on the basis of recommendations received from Heads of the Departments.

    Technical Section

    This section is responsible for the technical process of the documents like Classification, Cataloguing, Assigning of Subject Headings and Key words. The following Standards are used for the works performed in the Section: Cataloguing :- Anglo American cataloguing Rules II (with slight modifications), Classification :- Dewey Decimal Scheme of Classification, Subject Headings :- Library of Congress Subject Headings

    Reference Section

    This section maintains a good collection of reference sources that includes Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Dictionaries, Reports, Dissertations, maps etc.

    Periodicals Section

    It subscribes to 224 journals in different disciplines. This includes 34 foreign publications, 140 Indian publications and 50 publications received Gratis. The library subscribes to 43 Science Journals (15 of them foreign publications) and in Social Sciences and Humanities 131 journals are subscribed (19 of them foreign publications).

    The library has a rich collection of books, Journals, Maps, Microfiche, CDs, Dissertations etc. The collection includes 17,000 books above. The collection includes a number of books suitable for those who prepare for various competitive examinations. A collection of question papers of the previous examinations of the University is available here for reference.

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